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DLB Multimedia is an authorized dealer for Dynamic Digital 
Indoor Digital Billboards
Digital Menu Boards/Lobby Welcome Screens

This is an opportunity to experience one of the most cutting edge sources of innovative and affordable advertising. We understand that you are a small business or organization and you may not be ready to take the next leap of faith into `the world of Radio and or Television advertsing. you are on a tight budget, but at the same time , you need to grow your business or organization in selective cities that covers over 300 high traffic retail/business establishments. `This opportunity is ony availbale in the following North Carolina Cities. 

Banner Elk
Blowing Rock
North Raleigh
Wake Forest
Washington, NC
Wilimington Metro

It is time to invest on the ground level of an innovative way of marketng and branding for your business in a post-pandemic world. 
Contact : Dennis Lee Blount Jr.

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